One Smart Puppy Class – for puppies 8-18 weeks old

Each 60-minute class will cover a specific topic(s) and intersperse positive puppy romp and roll and training cures such as: sit, down, come, attention behaviors, leash manners, etc. Registration is ongoing. This flexible class schedule covers different topics on a four-week rotation. Topics include ‘The Keys to Successful Puppyhood’, ‘Housetraining’, ‘Handling and Basic Manners’, and ‘Biting and Destruction’. Owner Q&A is also welcome at each class.

Smart Dog One – for non-reactive dogs 4 months and older

This 5-week class is for non-reactive dogs 4 months and older. This fast-paced class is full of fun learning to enhance life with your dog! The first class is a human-only introduction to training so that you can understand your dogs, their behavior, how they learn, and the proper application of our positive techniques.