Pup Scouts Discovery Daycare Program

Fill out our Puppy Class Welcome Form and an Elevation Team Member will contact you about registering.

Pup Scouts Daycare is a socialization program designed for puppies 8 – 18 weeks of age. During this time your puppy is going through what is called the socialization stage. Just like children, dogs go through several developmental stages as they mature, and these stages are characterized by specific behaviors. The socialization stage is especially important, because During this stage a puppy’s brain is like a sponge, absorbing good experiences and filling them away as ‘normal life’. A puppy exposed to many different surfaces, objects, noises, people, and handling techniques in a fun and rewarding way is far less likely to develop phobias as an adult.

Puppies also learn how to ‘speak dog’ during this time. Puppy play may seem all fun and games, but they are learning how to communicate with body language. Dogs that miss out on this learning play time can lack the social skills needed to interact with other dogs as an adult. Playing with other puppies also teaches the puppies about bite inhibition. Bite inhibition does not mean no biting. It refers to a dog knowing how much pressure is needed to communicate. A dog with good bite inhibition may place his mouth on another dog (or person) to communicate but does not cause physical damage. This bite inhibition is learned by playing with other puppies in the first few months of life.

How does Pup Scouts Discover Daycare help with socialization? Pup Scouts is more than putting puppies together to play, but rather an enrichment daycare program. Enrichment programs are more like children’s preschool classes than the regular dog daycare. The first difference is in group size. Pup Scouts is limited to 5 puppies per counselor (group leader), so that the counselor can devote more attention to each puppy.

Another difference is that planned activities are led by the counselor throughout the day. In Pup Scouts a portion of the day is focused on exposing puppies to experiences they are likely to encounter at some point in their life, such as weird surfaces, noises, grooming or medical equipment and common veterinary handling techniques. Exposure to these things is done in a safe a positive way. Puppies are never forced near or onto objects. Instead, puppies are rewarded for exploring these items on their own and counselors incorporate the objects/handling into fun games so that the puppies don’t even realize they’re learning!

Of course, puppy play is part of the day, but instead of this being a puppy free for all, the counselor will monitor for safe play and reinforce core training concepts during the play. For example, rewarding a puppy for pausing play to make eye contact or respond to her name. This teaches the puppies that it’s rewarding and a good thing to pause play to listen to people. Counselors build on each week’s training, asking for gradually more complex behaviors such as stay.

Naptime is also integrated into the day’s activities. Crates are used for napping and positive crate training is used so that puppies view the crates as safe places to have a tasty snack and recharge. (Even if you don’t regularly use crates at home, having a dog that stays calm when crated can be lifesaving during an emergency and using the crate as a safe haven in your house allows your dog to remove himself if feeling overwhelmed, say during a dinner party). Naptimes are interspersed throughout the day and puppies are napped at alternating times. This teaches the puppies how to relax around stimuli and allows the counselor to work with 1-2 puppies individually while the others are resting. And don’t worry we didn’t forget about housetraining! Puppies will get regular breaks and rewards for going on the grass pads.
Capitalizing on the socialization stage helps give your puppy the best start possible. Let us help with Pup Scouts Discovery Daycare Program! Fill out our Puppy Welcome Form and an Elevation Team Member will contact you about registering.


Days and Time

  • Pup Scouts Daycare is offered half days on Mondays and Fridays
  • The morning program runs from 9a-12p. Puppies may be dropped off as early as 8 am and may be picked up as late as 1pm.
  • The afternoon program runs from 1p-4p. Puppies may be dropped off as early as 12pm and may be picked up as late as 5pm.
  • Group size is limited to 5 puppies per morning or afternoon. You must specify the dates your puppy will attend when you register for the class, no refunds for no-shows.


  • 4-week program $240
  • 6-week program $336
  • Discounts on Pup Scouts Daycare Program available when your puppy is simultaneously registered in Dogs by Foster’s One Smart Puppy Class or Rockin-e’s Early Einsteins Class.


  • 8 weeks – 18 weeks old (at end of enrollment – which means a puppy can start no later than 14 weeks of age).
  • In the home for 10 days.
  • Up to date on Bordetella and Distemper/Parvo Puppy Series (puppies must be kept current on their puppy vaccine schedule while attending daycare).

Safety Precautions:

  • Every puppy must be in good health when they arrive at Elevation Pet Resort! Puppies that have experienced bouts of vomiting or diarrhea must be clear of all symptoms for three days before returning to daycare. Any puppy that has had to be treated for anything contagious may not return to class until cleared by their veterinarian. We ask that owners are be very conscious of this request as we do all we can to keep the puppies happy and healthy.
  • Puppies must be kept up to date on their vaccine series while attending socialization daycare.
  • DO NOT take your puppy to dog parks while you are enrolled in our puppy services. With the high number of unknown dogs (with unknown vaccine histories), these high-concentration dog areas can be potentially risky for a puppy’s health. The dog park should be avoided until you pup’s immunity is mature (all vaccinations completed, including Rabies).