We are excited to offer Laramie a broad range of grooming services! New customers, please fill out our Grooming Welcome Form and a team member will contact you (typically within 24 hours or on the next weekday). Established customers please call 307-460-1701 to schedule a grooming appointment. We specialize in large and giant breed dogs! Our walk-in shower can accommodate dogs traditionally too large for an elevated bathtub.

Amaya is happy and excited to share her grooming talents with Laramie. She learned to love grooming while showing her pups and especially likes working with fluffy double coated breeds. Bring on the fur! Not sure what service to choose? Amaya is happy to make a recommendation at check-in. For breed specific or speciality cuts or color Amaya is available to consult via phone to see if she is the right groomer for your pup!


Bath service starts with a USA-made biodegradable protein-based greek yogurt shampoo that hydrates and strengthens brittle hair (Laramie weather is hard on pups’ skin and fur too). This is followed by a USA-made soothing conditioner. Both are well tolerated by dogs with sensitive skin. The following bath services are available:

The Elevation Special: For short-haired breeds this service includes bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning.

The Altitude Adjustment: For medium to long-haired coated breeds that don’t require undercoat maintenance. Includes bath, sanitary and paw/pad trim, nail trim, and ear cleaning.

Price is based on size and coat length and ranges from $35-$90 for most dogs.

Please note that prices apply to well-maintained coats that undergo regular (every 6-8 weeks) grooming. Additional fees for coats with excessive undercoats, grime, or matting.

Grooming Cuts

These services are designed to keep your pet adorable and comfortable! Cuts include bathing, nail trim, and ear cleaning.

The 14er: For double coated breeds (Shepherds, Golden Ret. Northern breeds, etc) that need mild undercoat maintenance. The 14er includes scissor haircut, light dematting, and paw/pad trim.

Deluxe Doodle: Shave down (1/8″-1″), paw/pad trim, scissored face style.

The Cowboy: Aka the ‘Ranch Dog Special’! Shave down (1/8″-1″)

Prices are based on size and coat condition and range between $65-$125 for most dogs.

Please note that prices apply to well-maintained coats that undergo regular (every 6-8 weeks) grooming. Additional fees for coats with excessive undercoats, grime, or matting.

Additional Grooming Services

Blueberry Vanilla Facial: Tear and beard stain have your pup down? Our Blueberry Vanilla Facial is naturally derived and helps reduce staining while gently breaking up tough tear goo and beard gunk. The soothing scent is delicious without being overpowering. Let us give your pet a fresh face with a facial!

De-shedding Treatment: This FURnomial treatment includes a USA-made deshedding shampoo and conditioning treatment that detangles and extracts dead hair and helps prevent the formation of new mats. Blow dry and brushing with deshedding tools helps further remove dead hairs.

De-Skunk Treatment: Triple baking soda treatment followed by a degreasing treatment and finished with a special de-skunk shampoo and groom.

Nail Trim: Just need nails done? We can help. Grinding is available upon request and if your dog allows it.

External Anal Gland Express: Can be done at the time of bath upon request!

Grooming care pledge

Our goal is to enhance the appearance, skin health, and smell of your dog while paying special attention to their mental well-being. We will never force your dog to endure a procedure that they find extremely fear-inducing or anxiety-causing. At Elevation Pet Resort all of our employees are trained to recognize body language that indicates a dog is having fear, anxiety, or stress. This means we take our time with the dogs and if they become stressed by a technique or procedure we work with you to find ways to make the grooming process more acceptable to your dog. We may ask that you consult with your veterinarian for anxiety medication or charge an additional fee for time spent to reduce fear, anxiety, or stress. Ask us about a free meet and greet appointment before your dog’s first grooming visit.

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